Mauritius Inside Out - Disclosure
Affiliate, Referral, Sponsorship, Advertising 

This site is my personal site where I provide my visitors with free information about Mauritius to help them plan their holiday.

My website is also a business. Creating good content takes time and effort. To operate the site, cover my expenses and provide you with in-depth information about Mauritius, I accept advertising and other forms of compensation from various companies.

These companies provide goods or services which I believe will add to your holiday enjoyment.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I want to tell you about my affiliate, referral, sponsorship and advertising relationships. 

What are these relationships?

These relationships are arrangements I've made with businesses that provide transportation, accommodation, activities, etc. I display them on my website and in return I am paid a commission, referral or advertising fee.  

I choose to have relationships from providers of high-quality goods or services. I appreciate their recognition and support of this site.

Do these fees, commissions and referrals cost you money?


I'm paid by the businesses with whom I have the affiliate, referral, sponsorship or advertising relationship - not by you. 

When you make a purchase your cost stays the same whether you buy through my website or directly from the business or their website.

I also have Google Ads on some of my site pages for which I receive payment. I have no control over the content of the ads that Google places on my pages.

Do these relationships influence my recommendations?

They don't!

My integrity and the integrity of my website are important to me.
The compensation earned from my site does not influence the information I provide. Rest assured that the actual content on sponsored pages is independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship.

I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences. Plus I also give cost savings ideas, specials etc.

Please support my business ‘partners’

Your support helps me to do what I love which is to provide helpful information and original content free to you.
A WIN-WIN-WIN situation for everyone and that’s including you! 

Thanks to all of you for making this possible.

Marie Christine

If you have any questions you are most welcome to contact me anytime.

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