Catamaran cruises in Mauritius
Full day with lunch

The magic of catamaran cruises in Mauritius …
Which sailing tour should you choose? Lagoon or deep sea sailing? Read this guide before you book your sea excursion. 

You’ll find a map and a detailed itinerary with images for each cruise below. 

Cruise the South East lagoon

Catamaran cruise in Mauritius

The cruise itineraries have to do with the topography of the island:

  • Lagoon sailing in the South East
  • Lagoon sailing in the South West
  • Deep sea sailing in the North

The deep-sea cruises set sail off our North coast near Grand Baie to three islets in the Indian Ocean. They are my favourites ...

Catamaran cruises in Mauritius - Map with islets

Mauritius map with islets

During these shared cruises you’ll visit wild islets, snorkel and swim among exotic fish, sample a delicious barbecue lunch, sip a rum cocktail or more … All from the comfort of a catamaran with a diving platform, swimming ladder and a canopy for sun protection.

In other words, a day in heaven!

The crew will entertain you with local songs

Catamaran cruises in Mauritius - Lagoon or deep sea?

Sailing into the Indian Ocean is not like a catamaran cruise in our lagoon. It's much more exciting to feel the swells! Catamarans are comfortable boats and ideal for navigating the deep sea. 

Deep sea sailing in the North

Deep sea sailing towards Gunners Point

Lagoon sailing has a different feel. It’s a smooth ride all the way! The waves are far and few. It’s an ideal family attraction. Unlike deep sea sailing I highly recommend these catamaran cruises if you are travelling with children. Boats and snorkeling add to their sense of adventure.

Lagoon sailing in Mauritius

Lagoon sailing in Mauritius in a catamaran

Below you'll find a detailed itinerary for each catamaran cruise:

South East lagoon - cruise itinerary

Our South East lagoon is the largest and very scenic. Look at the magnificent mountain scenery and the turquoise sea in the photo.

South East lagoon with Ile aux Aigrettes on the right

Mahebourg Bay from Pointe d'Esny

You’ll embark at Pointe Jerome in Pointe d’Esny and sail across Mahebourg Bay. The skipper will cast anchor at a spot where you’ll snorkel among dozens of colourful fish.

Snorkeling from the catamaran

Snorkeling from a catamaran

The catamaran will then set sail to the ‘Grande Riviere South East’ to view her waterfall. En route the boat will navigate past a couple of small islands with interesting history. Ile de la Passe and Ile Plate.

Sailing up the Grande River South East

Sailing Grande River South East

The ‘chef’ will prepare a tasty barbecue lunch on your way to Ile aux Cerfs. You might even see some dolphins!

You’ll have plenty time at Ile aux Cerfs for swimming or maybe join a water sport activity. Ile aux Cerfs is the most popular island in Mauritius.

Ile aux Cerfs beaches

Ile aux Cerfs jetty and beach

In the afternoon you’ll board your catamaran for the leisurely cruise back to Mahebourg. The crew will entertain you with our sega music.

South West lagoon - cruise itinerary

Enjoy a one day catamaran cruise sailing Mauritius’ South West lagoon. Ile aux Benitiers is a popular island stop during this catamaran excursion. Here she is in the image below.

South West lagoon with Ile aux Benitiers

South West lagoon with ile aux Benitiers

Your catamaran will set sail from La Balise Marina in Black River with the iconic Le Morne Mountain in the background. Then onto dolphin watching in Tamarin Bay. These beautiful fish have their morning swim in the bay to the delight of tourists.

Enjoy some snorkeling before a barbecue lunch prepared by the crew on board your catamaran. The grilled fish is absolutely delicious.

Barbecue lunch on board

Barbecue lunch on board a catamaran

After lunch you’ll be taken by motorboat to Ile aux Benitiers. En route you’ll stop at Crystal Rock to admire her intriguing shape. She is made of fossilized coral.

Crystal Rock with the iconic Le Morne Mountain

Crystal Rock in Black River lagoon Mauritius

Spend time swimming alongside ile aux Benitiers. Maybe buy a souvenir from the stalls on the beach or sip coconut water right out of the shell.

Ile aux Benitiers beach vendors

Beach vendors at ile aux Benitiers

You’ll sail back to the jetty in the afternoon to the sound of music played by the crew.

Deep sea cruise itinerary - the North 

You’ll sail beyond our coral reefs to the small islands of the North in a luxury catamaran. These trips take about an hour and a half. You can see the outline of Mauritius on the horizon in the image below. 

Ilot Gabriel and Flat Island have their own lagoons

Aerial view of Ilot Gabriel Mauritius

No one is allowed to stay over on the islets for a snooze. Robinson Crusoe here we come!

Enjoy your swim in the turquoise sea. Bring your sandals and go for a walk among the casuarina trees to watch the white-tailed ‘tropicbirds’. You can see one of them in the casuarina tree below!

The catamaran cruises in Mauritius visit Ilot Gabriel  in the North

Casuarina trees at ilot Gabriel

Join your fellow passengers for a barbecue lunch on board your catamaran before sailing around 'Coin de Mire' or Gunners Point for a great snorkel.

Enjoying the barbecue lunch with my daughter

Barbecue lunch on board a catamaran in Mauritius

You’ll sail back to Mauritius in the afternoon whilst the crew entertains you with local songs.

Motion sickness tips

You’ll feel the swells when you sail to the islets in the North. Cruising back to Mauritius the boat sails with the wind so it’s a smoother ride.

Sailing back to Mauritius from Ilot Gabriel

Sailing from ilot Gabriel to Mauritius

Not everyone suffers from motion sickness. I do and it’s not too many cocktails … 
Follow my well tried tips and you should be fine:

  • Wear a seasickness bracelet and drink ginger tea 
  • Stand at the entrance of the cabin at the back of the catamaran and face the front 
  • Keep the horizon in sight without staring at it. Let the breeze caress your face 

Sailing Weather

Pack a windbreaker for catamaran cruises in Mauritius during our ‘cool’ months. That’s from June to August. It feels cooler when you are at sea. The water temperature will be about 23 degrees Celsius.
Bring spare clothing, a towel, sunscreen and a hat. Snorkeling equipment is provided. 

Please drop me a line when you return from your holiday to share your experiences about the catamaran cruises in Mauritius

Happy sailing!

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