The weather in Mauritius 
When to travel and where to stay?

Mauritius weather forecast should be a breeze. Before you get all excited and book your holiday travel read my "Best Time to Visit Guide" below. The weather map, where to stay, average temperature and monthly rainfall with charts, cyclone season, wind, hottest month and humidity all on one page!

We are a small island in the Indian Ocean about 3000 km from East Africa. Right? After all tropical islands bring to mind pictures of peaceful nights, the gentle rustle of palm leaves … the reality could be different in certain parts of Mauritius.

North coast in summer

The weather in Mauritius can be confusing … 

  • cool winters that might surprise you 
  • summer rains
  • southeast trade winds - most of the year
  • cyclones visit us in summer - not always
  • anticyclones visit us during winter - always
  • 27 micro climates and counting!

What about spring and autumn?
We Mauritians are not bothered with four seasons. Instead we have transition months: September and May. 

Rainbow on the horizon

You’ll get used to our climate and humidity. How? 

I returned to my beautiful island after many years overseas. My friend Louis told me:

"Marie Christine, I can see you have just come back"
"You do everything fast. You walk fast, you speak fast and you work fast"
"I give you a few days and you'll do everything slowly like us. It's the weather"...

If the service is a little slow in a restaurant, don't blame your waiter. It's the weather. You'll soon be strolling like a local instead of walking. It’s the weather.
The only thing some Mauritians seem to do fast is driving. It does not apply to sailing ...

sailing boat called pirogue

When is the best weather in Mauritius? 

I am often asked this question. For me October is the best time to visit Mauritius. It really depends on your interests and the weather you enjoy on holiday. Hot weather with warm sea or lukewarm weather and cool sea?                                        

Our hottest months are December to March and the coldest June to August. The sea temperature is 27 degrees Celsius during summer compared to 22 degrees during winter.

Mauritius weather charts

The charts will give you a prediction for the average day and night temperatures. Note the wind chill factor.

Mauritius weather forecast chart January to June
Mauritius weather forecast chart July to December

Wind chill is important if you are planning to stay on the east or south coast in winter. It’s where trade winds blow from March to November. The temperature stays the same but it will feel a few degrees cooler. The stronger the wind the cooler you’ll feel.

So how does this work?                                                                                              

Our internal body heat generates a warm layer around our body which is literally blown away by the wind. When this happens our skin feels colder. The sea will feel about 19 degrees because your wet skin will draw away your body heat much faster.

If you live in a country where your summer is equivalent to the Mauritius weather in winter, then our cool weather will probably feel like summer to you.

The best beach weather

Have a look at the map where I have listed well known holiday places

Mauritius map for beach weather

The best beach weather during summer is any East / South facing coast. That’s where our trade winds will keep you refreshed. Our West and North coasts are protected from these winds by our mountains.

The best beach weather during our winter is a coast which is not South or East facing. In other words, the opposite. You should also keep in mind our coast is not a straight line. There are beaches that are protected from trade winds in the East and South.

If you would like to book your accommodation on these coasts, contact the resort and hotel and find out if their beach is wind free.

If you are someone who prefers to relax next to a pool instead of a beach, then it does not matter where you stay.

If you dream of beach sunsets choose a West facing coast. Deep-sea fishing season is in summer off the West and North coast. It’s also when you’ll have the best visibility for scuba diving and snorkeling. Kite surfing is best from June to October.

Underwater colourful fish

Mauritius rainy weather

Wet season is during our hottest months which is great. You'll welcome our summer rain and her colorful rainbows, beautiful over the sea on the horizon. Let me reassure you, our rain lasts between a few minutes and a few hours, seldom for days on end like a monsoon rain. 
Monthly precipitations vary a lot from coast to coast as you'll see in this chart.

Mauritius Weather: Rainfall Chart

Mauritius weather rainfall chart

Our rain is fussy …

Another tip about the Mauritius weather:
You look to your left the sun is shining in a clear blue sky. You look to your right it’s raining cats and dogs. Some rain drops ... I always smile looking at tourists running for cover, towels, hats and sun screen in tow.  A while later the sun will usually shine again.
The secret is ... 

Dive into the sea and enjoy the rain drops caressing your body. Swimming in the rain? I highly recommend you try in summer when the water temperature is delightful.

The coming of rain over the sea

Anticyclones appear with our winter weather. That's when we move onto a subtropical climate. They bring strong winds, rain plus a drop in temperature. The only precaution is ... pack a warm jersey.

Cyclone season is between November and May. Our 'hurricanes' can be intimidating if you did not grow up with them. Tropical storms could send you on a wild goose chase, these real life cyclone stories will keep you on your toes.

Month-by-month Mauritius weather patterns 

Weather trends for your long term holiday forecast 

January         summer - hot and humid weather                                                

February      hottest and wettest - air fares are cheaper                                    

March           still hot and humid                                                                      

April              end of summer - a slight chill in the air                                              

May               transition month - cooler sea and air temperature                                

June               it’s officially winter in Mauritius                                                          

July                 winter - chilly at night and at sea                                                                       

August           last winter month                                               

September   transition month - it’s getting warmer                                      

October         glorious - the best time to go to Mauritius                                      

November    summer on its way - a beautiful month                                    

December    high season - Xmas and New Year

Mauritius weather map

Have a look at the Mauritius weather forecast for the various regions on the map. 

References: Mauritius Meteorological Services

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