Mauritius hotel booking 
How to find the best rates and rooms

Before you decide on a Mauritius hotel booking website, check my guide below. Where to search for online reservation specials and find the room you want in a resort or hotel.
Watch out for unlicensed accommodation and fake reviews for your beach holiday!

Before you decide 'this must be the place' check the establishment is licensed

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Fake reviews

Fake reviews have become a lucrative business. There is fierce competition in the hospitality industry. 10 US$ for a fake review is easy money for a dishonest person.
Add false reviews made by jealous business owners towards their competitors. Some businesses have closed as a result! 

What about magazine’s articles with glowing reviews? Some of the information is not factual.

Unlicensed accommodations

Figures don’t add up. According to the Mauritius Tourism Authority there are 112 licensed hotels in Mauritius as of mid - 2018. I checked the online booking platforms. Some of them list over 184 hotels!
Which means some establishments are not registered and are operating illegally.
Be careful! Your insurance is unlikely to cover you if you stay in an unlicensed hotel.

Where to book a hotel?

You have 3 choices for your Mauritius hotel booking:

  • an online booking site
  • a travel agent
  • directly with the hotel website

Your comfort is our priority ...

Mauritius hotel booking

Online booking sites

Online booking sites are where you compare hotel prices and read reviews.
As long as you have the time and patience!

Did you know that, Tripadvisor and Expedia are part of the same company? Same goes for Travelocity with and with

If you decide to book your island vacation on an online booking platform, make sure that:

  • the price quoted includes 15% VAT
  • there is no booking fee - they receive a commission from the hotels for your booking
  • the accommodation is registered with the Mauritius Tourism office

Another option is to check an airline website. Some of them have packages with accommodation and flights combined.

Travel Agents

Travel agents will sell you a holiday package in good faith. The problem is they offer package deals to many destinations in the world. It’s difficult for a travel agent to know about Mauritius inside out.
I often receive emails from visitors who are stuck in a hotel not suitable for their needs in the wrong location!

Hotel website

It’s where you’ll find the best rates with lots of added benefits. Search for ‘special offers’ on their websites. Maybe spa treatments, a discount for longer stay, family offers with ‘kids stay free’, special honeymoon, wedding, priority for early or late check-ins ... 

Hotels prefer dealing with clients directly and not through a third party. They are able to offer you great discounts because they don’t have to pay a commission to an online booking site.
Everyone benefits!

Sign-up for their newsletter to keep up to date with promotions. You'll receive a caring service.

The top rated hotels are full months ahead of high season. So book early because it’s unlikely you’ll find a last minute deal with popular hotels. The most expensive and most luxurious are very much in demand.

Romance is in the air ...

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How to get the room you want

By booking directly with the hotel. Some hotels and resorts don’t list all their rooms with online travel platforms. Others don’t keep them informed about what rooms are available on a daily basis. At times it has to do with the programming. The result? 

It does occasionally happen that you book a specific room with an online travel site but when you check in you might be accommodated in a different type of room.

Some hotels keep a percentage of their rooms for direct bookings during high season. They’ll release them later to online agents if not sold. Why should they pay agency commission when not necessary? Business is business.

Read the room’s description before booking a room. Lower priced bedrooms may seem like a good  cheap deal but … they could be small, facing a garden or located next to a swimming pool.
Sea facing beach rooms or villas are higher priced and the best when on honeymoon.

sweet dreams ...

Hotel room with tropical colours

Mauritius hotel booking seasonal rates

If you have flexible dates for your trip then make a reservation during our mid or shoulder season. You’ll save on your holiday costs.

  • Peak season:
    Beginning of December to mid January
  • Mid season:
    Mid January to after Easter. Also October and November
  • Low season:
    From May to September during our cooler months

There is usually a minimum stay of 7 nights during peak season for Mauritius hotel bookings.


Check my guide on Mauritius hotels and resorts where I recommend which coast you should choose. 

Are you confused with all inclusive, full board or half board?
Have a look at my tips on the various types of packages and what they include. They’ll help you make an informed decision.

Next time you search for a Mauritius hotel booking you’ll know where to go and what to do.

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