How to start a
  Mauritius Business

Thinking of starting a Mauritius business? How to register a local or offshore business and incorporate a company with permit, card, form and number ‘brn’ in two hours. 
You too can benefit from the island’s economic prosperity, beneficial trade agreements and low corporate tax.

The World Bank ranks Mauritius as the easiest country to do business in the region. Let’s have a look at the advantages first.

Port Louis our capital with her ultra-modern office buildings

Port Louis modern office buildings

Benefits of a business in Mauritius

  • user friendly legislation
  • the island is well governed with political stability and an independent judiciary 
  • bilingual workforce - French and English
  • a Cyber city and business parks at strategic locations with state of the art facilities

Add the location between Asia and Europe. The GMT time zone gives you the opportunity to do business with Asia in the morning and Europe in the afternoon.

Other benefits are good business ethics, growth opportunities and tax incentives in a safe country.

Choice of business structures

Before you register ... the big question is which business model? Proprietorship, partnership or corporation? How their structures work, their advantages and risks. Most importantly which Mauritius business venture is best for your specific needs?

Many types of businesses are available for entrepreneurs and financiers. Here are some ideas: Offshore companies, Protected Cell Companies ‘PCC’, Trusts and Foundations, Limited Partnership and many more.

You can go into partnership with a Mauritian or you can start a 100% foreign owned company under the Companies Act.

Mauritius business ideas

Business ideas

Register your business in 3 steps

Step One

Please consult the Economic Development Board Website for general information before you do anything. They will even show you how to open a bank account, apply for a work and residence permit. Here is the link to the BOI now called the Economic Development Board.

Step Two

This is the most important step now that you are familiar with the requirements. It’s essential you contact the best legal firm to protect your valuable investment and assets. Seek professional advice for a solid financial strategy and how to reduce taxation on your global earnings. Legally of course.
Labour laws can be complicated for investors. Mauritius uses French and English law.

Step Three

Once you know which structures are best for your business return to the Economic Development Board website. 

1. Click on the 'Registering a business and incorporating a company'
2. Click on register and login CBRIS which is a web-based portal 
3. Complete the form 

You will be issued with a BRN number
All done online. No need to go to the registration office. Plus ...
The online Certificate of Incorporation is a valid KYC (Know Your Customer)

Register your business online!

Online business registration

As you can see the Business Facilitation Act of 2017 makes it a piece of cake to set up and conduct a business in Mauritius. The name says it all. The aim is to reduce business registration delays.
By the way, If you already have a name in mind for your business you can check if the name is available for free online.

Mauritius business with offshore companies

An overview on offshore companies in Mauritius.

They are known as GBC. What is the meaning of GBC? It’s a Mauritius Global Business Company. There are 2 types: GBC1 and GBC 2. 

Company holding a Category 1 Global Business Licence
Company holding a Category 2 Global Business Licence

Let’s have a look at the difference.

Global Business Companies with a Category 1 Licence

These GBL 1 companies are popular for the establishment of funds in Mauritius where you can structure your investments. They are incorporated in Mauritius and can conduct global businesses outside of Mauritius because they are licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC)

Mauritius global businesses

Global Mauritius business

Benefits of a GBL 1 company

  • tax incentives - net effective tax rate is 3%
  • no exchange control when repatriating capital, profits and interests
  • no tax deducted from interests, royalties and dividends
  • no inheritance or estate duty tax

These companies benefit from our Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement. Mauritius has concluded 43 Agreements (DTAA) and more are being negotiated at the moment with countries around the globe.

 The Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements

To benefit from these agreements a GBL 1 Company must have a Tax Residence Certificate issued by the Commissioner of Income Tax in Mauritius.
The company must be managed and controlled in Mauritius. Some of the other criteria include a minimum of 2 resident directors as well as a local bank account.

Global Business Companies with a Category 2 Licence

These companies are flexible and offer confidentiality. Ideal for a High Net Worth Individual ‘HNWI’ as an investment company and to hold assets.
As a holding company it is exempted from taxation.

GBL 2 companies are tax free

Tax free sign

The GBL 2 companies can be used with offshore trusts, international trading activities and much more. They are private companies for non-residents and can’t use Mauritian rupees. 

The financial records are with the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius ‘FSC’ therefore the public does not have access to them.


Please use this information as a guideline only. I am not a financial adviser. Before you decide on how to structure your business contact a top Mauritian company for legal advice. They will help you make an informed decision for your Mauritius business development and administration. Message me here for my personal recommendation.

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