Fish Vindaye Recipe
Mauritius food 

My favourite Mauritius food is fish vindaye. A perfect introduction to Mauritian cuisine. The recipe is easy and the dish delicious, healthy and mouthwatering. Today I am sharing my recipe with you.
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Mauritian Fish Vindaye

Mauritius fish vindaye dish

Fish vindaye recipe

700 gr.  Firm flesh fish (dorado, tuna or barracuda). Usually sold in thick slices. Slices should be at least 1 and half cm. Whilst half frozen remove skin and bones and it will separate in four pieces each.
Sprinkle with salt and black pepper. Fry in hot oil until golden, turn each piece carefully and fry the other side until golden.
Set aside.

Ingredients for fish vindaye

  • 250 ml oil (not olive oil)
  • 300 gr. pickle onions (the smaller the better) 
  • 50 ml white grape vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons turmeric powder (also called curcuma)
  • 4 garlic cloves
  • 1 tablespoon cut and peeled ginger
  • I teaspoon black mustard seeds
  • 5 curry leaves
  • Thyme and parsley
  • Black peppercorns and salt to taste

How to prepare fish vindaye

Crush ginger and garlic with some salt in a mortar until it forms a paste.
Heat oil in a deep pan. Gentle heat.
Dilute turmeric powder in the vinegar. Add to oil
Add herbs, ginger/garlic paste and mustard seeds
Fry gently for about 4 minutes
Add peeled onions and cook until soft but slightly crunchy in the middle.

You can add a little water to the dish if sauce too thick.

When cooked, switch off the hot plate. Add cooked fish steaks at the bottom and move onions on top. Add a couple of red chilies (optional)
Let it marinate in the warm sauce for as long as you like
Transfer to container. When cool put in the fridge and enjoy!

Eat with white Basmati rice, brown lentils and chutneys like cucumber, tomatoes and onions.
Serves 4


If you are planning to cook this dish when on holiday on the island, ask for ‘saffran powder’ which is in fact curcuma or turmeric. In Mauritius anyway ...

Fish vindaye is best eaten about 3 days after making. The dish will keep for weeks in the fridge as long as you turn the fish and onions every now and then.

Bon appetit! I am sure you’ll enjoy the fish vindaye dish. Mauritus food is absolutely delicious.

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