The untamed South coast  
 Mauritius beach tour

Discover the wild South coast with your own Mauritius beach tour. I have included my island's little secrets in my self-guided itinerary. Secluded beaches, deserted islet, waterfall, high cliffs ... lovely, quiet and haunting. 

You’ll meet Rosy who prepares delicious Mauritian creole food in her "no frills down to earth" restaurant.

Your beach tour of the South coast

Use it as a guideline for your holiday and enjoy!

La Prairie Beach - watch kite surfing

Baie du Cap - stop for the scenic view

ilot Sancho - explore the tiny islet

Saint Felix and Riambel - quiet and wild, have a swim

Rochester Falls - nature's paradise

Souillac - lunch at Chez Rosy

Gris Gris - high cliffs and crashing waves

Riambel - ride a horse into the sunset

Click on the image below to follow your tour on the Google map. Then come back and scroll down the page for a detailed itinerary with lots of images.

Mauritius Beach Map - South Coast

Your South coast Mauritius beach tour 

You'll need a car or taxi, a love of adventure, beach towel, swimming and snorkelling gear and your bottle for water. Bring a pair of trousers and shoes if you are going to horse ride into the sunset (beginners and children are welcome).

Ready to go?
We'll start at Le Morne on the left and make our way East following the scenic South coast road. 

La Prairie - your first untamed beach

La Prairie Beach Mauritius

Your first stop is La Prairie public beach where you'll enjoy the majestic Le Morne mountain on the horizon. It’s a popular beach for kite surfers with a windy weather most of the year. Watch them doing acrobatic somersaults.

Stop at Baie du Cap 

Continue your beach tour alongside the South coast. Drive around Bay du Cap and stop at the entrance where you climb some steps to admire another scenic view and the turquoise lagoon.

Baie du Cap

Resume your drive towards Bel Ombre. Pass through the village and you’ll soon come across a small bay. Drive around it to and you’ll see a small islet at her entrance. It’s ilot Sancho. 

Visit ilot Sancho on your Mauritius beach tour

Take the short walk to the tiny islet. Depending on the tide you can either walk on the sand or walk in shallow water.
Bring your shoes for walking on the volcanic rocks. Explore the virgin island. Maybe you’ll see Mauritians looking for crabs or a lone fisherman hoping for a good catch. Enjoy! 

Saint Felix and Riambel - six km of beaches 

Saint Felix beach

Resume your South coast beach tour and travel towards Saint Felix and Riambel. Both public beaches are quiet with a shallow lagoon. Have a dip next to the shore. If you decide to swim please don’t venture too far away because of strong currents. 

Rochester falls for nature lovers

Rochester Falls

On your way to Souillac visit the quaint Rochester falls with her volcanic rocks and clear water. The falls are signposted from the main road.They are only 2.5 km inland and worth the small detour for the view and a swim.

If you are approached by a self-appointed ‘guide’ be firm and send him away.

Resume the short drive to Souillac and have lunch at Chez Rosy. Rosy prepares the most delicious Mauritian creole food. A feast for your palate. I recommend her famous banana flambé. 

Gris Gris beach at Souillac

Gris Gris beach at Souillac

After lunch, visit Gris Gris public beach with her high cliffs and big waves. Don’t go too close to the edge of the cliffs. You could lose your balance with the wind. Enjoy the haunting landscape. One of the many highlights of the Mauritius South coast.

La Roche qui Pleure or "Crying Rock"

Follow the footpath on top of the cliffs to secluded La Roche qui Pleure or ‘Crying Rock’ to watch huge waves crashing onto the cliffs.

The wild South coast

Wild South coast

Time to whet your appetite even more. Take the short drive back to Riambel.

Ride a horse into the sunset  

How romantic! For me it’s one of the highlights of a vacation to my paradise island.
An amazing horse ride into our tropical sunset on a quiet beach over 2.5 km long! If you are an experienced rider you can ride into the sea.

Meet Arumina and her beloved horses at the Centre Equestre de Riambel. She lovingly looks after her 9 horses and 3 ponies. Arumina rescues race horses when their owners don’t need them anymore. They are beautifully looked after. Please support them.

The Centre accommodates all levels of riders. The rides are personalized so if it’s your first time don’t be shy. It’s an adventure you'll remember forever during your Mauritius beach tour.

Did you enjoy my self-guided itinerary?

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